Check out our newest addition to the Magnesium family: Magnesium Plus Stick!

Magnesium Plus Stick is going to be a plus in your life.  Easy on the go stick you just grab and go!  Moisturizing solid lotion stick, infused with Magnesium Oil and herbal Essential Oils that help a healthy lifestyle and soothe inflammation!

Magnesium,  Frankincense, Basil, Peppermint and soothing Lavender!  Roll on aching knees, tense shoulders, foot cramps, forehead and anyplace you could use a little tender care on a stressful day! 

Magnificent Magnesium

We all want to be healthier, stronger and live a better quality of life.  Sometimes it is adding a little something to your daily routine that can put a little pep in your step.

Does it really work?  We get that a lot.  Here is what our customer have to say about the Magnesium products: Don;t take our word for it read these great stories! 

 "I love the magnesium! Katie I am not lying my knee my left knee was hurting me so bad today that I was going to take two pain pills instead of one but my package came and I got the magnesium out. I don't know whether that lotion could've helped that quick but I'm telling you the pain is gone and last night in bed it hurt so bad, Katie I didn't know what I was going to do!! I have been struggling with it all day today, was so uncomfortable so I put the magnesium lotion on twice. Now, I'll probably need some more in a week or so"

"Headaches are caused by inflammation and cause pain. Our Headache Essential Oils help the nerve endings calm down and relieve tension in a muscle. This is quickly becoming our best oil we have and when paired with the magnesium lotion it is really powerful!"

"Check out this latest testimony from a new customer from my party last night...

Thanks for inviting me Jackie. I bought way too much stuff and still have a wish list. My eye didn't twitch one time last night after using the Magnesium Lotion. However, it is back at it this morning and I look like I am winking at everyone. Can't wait to get my order!"


Testimony: This is what I received today from one of my new customers here at the Senior Apartment complex where I work:

"Dear Lana I have been using the Magnesium lotion since I received it and with all these hectic days I had not noticed how much improvement I'd had in my knees. Then for whatever reason I missed using it for a few days and I immediately felt the difference! It was then that I realized that I had not thanked you for sharing this Wonderful product with me So, for the record, Thank You from the bottom of my heart! "


What is in your Cosmetics?

I just watched the Good Morning America segment on chemicals in your cosmetics.  It has had me very concerned for years and I am glad to see there will be some regulations coming soon.

Parabens and Pthalates can add up in your skin and are known as hormone disruptors.  Just removing these two chemicals from your skin care routine can make a huge difference.  Jordan Essentials is a natural, healthy, low chemical, nontoxic skin care company you can feel confident as you use it on a daily basis.

Check out the video from Good Morning American and stop by Jordan Essentials to shop for your safe skin care with your favorite Consultant.  Don't have one?  We can help.  Simply fill out the form and a supportive helpful Jordie will be ready to help you move forward to a healthier lifestyle today.


Your Holiday Essential Oils Survival Kit!

Ah the holiday season.  take a deep breath and focus on the positives and add some herbal support blends to your holidays.

Peace: When life becomes stressful, a little Peace is in order. Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Frankincense, Clary Sage, Sweet Orange, and Thyme are blended together for a peaceful aromatherapy effect. Perfect when added to prayer and quiet time.
Key ingredients include Frankincense, Patchouli, and Ylang-Ylang Oils.

Headache: Got a headache from Aunt Edna and her perfume or maybe the weather change or weary from traveling?   Soothe wtih Peppermint, Sweet Basil, Lavender, and Frankincense.
Key ingredients include Lavender, Peppermint, Sweet Basil, and Frankincense Oils.

Immune:   Boost your Immune system with Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Frankincense, and a touch of Sweet Orange.
Key ingredients include Frankincense, Tea Tree, Rosemary, Lemon, Eucalyptus, and Sweet Orange Oils. 

Sleep: When a restless night threatens your family's quality of sleep and there are no sugar plumb fairies dancing in their heads, use the Herbal Support Blend Sleep with Lavender, Neroli, Sweet Orange, and Chamomile Essential Oils. Apply to hands and feet and breathe deeply before sleep.
Key ingredients include Lavender, Neroli, Chamomile, and Sweet Orange Oils.

Energy: Start the day cooking, shopping or family time with more energy and even skip your afternoon coffee. Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemon, and Eucalyptus Oils blended together. Cleansing, refreshing, and best used with a smile!
Key ingredients include Peppermint, Rosemary, Lemon, and Eucalyptus Oils.

Jordan Essentials does not claim to cure any illness. Check with your doctor first if pregnant, nursing, or taking medication. Not endorsed by the FDA.

Corporate Gifts Made in the USA and Affordable? Read on!

It's the season of giving and you have some great people you work with and you want something special, unique and yet have a budget.  Jordan Essentials Joyful Jordan Box to the rescue.

Each month a thoughtful collection is created and placed in a beautiful box ready for gift giving for only $15!  The value is always over $18 and can reach up to $40 or more depending on the month. 

The collection is only available for one month so you do have to act quickly and decide if you want this month's box or wait for next month to come out.

Want to make it personal? Order 20 or more and we will add a special label and message to the top of the box making you the best boss in the world! 

You can feel good about your Joyful Jordan box because it is also made from healthy non toxic skin care products everyone likes and needs and is made in the USA!  Win Win!

Order your Joyful Jordan  boxes today and if you order over 20 you will need to e mail us for that custom label at

We ship quick too!  Your order will be ready to go in just 5 business days plus ship time.  Plan ahead for this busy season and let our elves help you and your corporate gift giving today! 


Skin Care For Every Age

Life happens and year by year we age.  It is a fact we cannot deny.  Maybe you are like me and want the high end results and the naturally based products you find at health food stores.  Jordan Essentials has a beautiful solution and marriage of natural power house botanicals and smart science.  We have solutions from teen acne to aging lines and wrinkles. If I was on a dessert island and could only take a few things my JE Face Care is one of them, not only for the results but because of how it makes my skin feel hydrated and healthy.

Try out our skin care line by asking your Consultant for an in home spa and wellness facial clinic.  I think you will fall in love with the fresh cleansers, powerful, yet gentle exfoliation,  detoxifying Clay Mask and finishing with moisture rich anti aging solutions and moisturizers.

Face the Future with Jordan Essentials!


Toys for Tots: Fun, Healthy Skin Care, for Kids in Need!

Everyday, we give families all over the United States the opportunity to create the life they have always dreamed of and enjoy products they can feel good about using.

But this month, we have the opportunity to give more.

As most of you already know, for the entire month of October, anything a host earns in host credit, we are going to match in product to donate to Toys for Tots, a program initiated by the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves to provide toys and hope to underprivileged children across the U.S.

For example, when you host in October and earn $75 in free host credit, all of us at Jordan Essentials will donate $75 in products from our children’s line.

Contact your local Consultant TODAY!!

#jordanessentials #toysfortots

Want a New Beginning?

Picture this, a little girl just moved to a new town, she is in third grade and the first day of school is her birthday.  Nervous at this new beginning but also excited about what is to come. Her third grade teacher takes her by the hand and introduces her to her new friends and the year is a beautiful success. 

Fast forward to a young woman going to college and the first day of school is again, her birthday.  A women's college 5 hours from home on a hot August day with so many exciting opportunities and women who would become life long friends.  

Yes, my birthday was always the beginning of the school year.  I could have been bummed out but to me my birthday represents new beginnings!  
In a coaching session with Belinda she said "is there any significant events in August for you or JE?"   I said "My birthday!"  and our birthday sign up special was born!  She did ask me if it was ok with me to use my age of 48 as our b day special price. I said "Sure, because of JE I look young, so let's do it!"  I did hear a couple of people say you look 29, and I got the hint they like the low price of entry but that one was a stretch. 

I love that my birthday can be a month that so many begin their JE journey.  New Jordies will go to school to learn the programs, about their favorite products and how to become a successful business owner and entrepreneur. 

This month the best gift I can get it so see thousands of peoples lives improved by our wonderful company of women at Jordan Essentials. I look forward to welcoming record numbers of new Consultants and celebrating with YOU!

Happy Birthday to us!

This little light of mine...

In the early days of Country Bunny I was traveling the country sharing and meeting consultant. Back when people met more in person and less on line.

I met a woman in VA in 2002 I will never forget. We had our meeting, smiled and chatted and then went for a meal with the group of consultants there. The restaurant had this big white porch as I recall and was nothing fancy.

I am a hugger by nature. As I arrived earlier that day as I met Consultants I hugged them. They are already in the family so I hug! I really, really like people.

We laughed and had a good time.

At dinner that night the woman on my right said "I had such a good time today. I cannot believe you hugged me." I said "Oh yes, I am a hugger and we are family." She said "I have not really had anyone hug me in over 2 years. I work in a forensics department, I have 2 cats and live alone. I had not thought about it but I never have human touch much let alone a hug." I was moved to tears but she continued.

"I want what you have. That light that shines within like you do. I want friends and hugs and I realize I need that." Her sponsor and I worked it out and got her into a church where she met a bunch of people and I sent her a women's bible so she would never be alone again. When you know Jesus you are never alone!


I am not sure what happened we lost touch somewhere along the way (before facebook) but over the next couple of years she thrived and smiled and knew what it was like to be in vital community with good people and yes, she became a hugger too.


Let's be sure to make a difference, a real difference. Nothing virtual can compare to genuine community with hugs, meals, listening and compassion. Listen closely the world is out there and it needs us.


My mission began as a broke lonely stay at home mom. I needed community, money and friends! 15 years later I am living a wonderful dream and have added over 14,000 people to my "team". I really did not know many people just a few gals at my church and a passion to change peoples lives with products, income and empowerment to know they belong.

I had no idea what God had planned for me all those years ago. I am grateful to be on this journey with you! The financial needs are huge today and the lonely are many. Let your light shine today and every day on this mission we call Jordan Essentials!






It all started with a little Lotion Bar

It was about this time of year in November and I knew the dreaded holiday season was coming but this year would be different. 

I started Jordan Essentials in my kitchen.  We had three little boys at home and I did not want to go back to work when the bills were more than my bliss!

My dear hubby kept saying “Nanc, you need to get a job.” What I heard was “Nanc bring in an income and you can be with the boys.”
I figured if I made some things people might buy them. I was always crafty, creative and tenacious! I was at Barns and Noble on a rare day in town, no kids in tow to see my sister in the hospital. I found a book on pioneer women and how they made soaps and lotions. They used bars of lard to moisturize their hands. My Grandmother had solid perfume bars too my sister and I would play with as we dressed up at Grandmas house. I started gathering ideas and saw a few things that inspired me and I invented the Lotion Bar. I was sure it would be a cool product and yet really worked! My Mom helped me pour all night long as we got ready for my first craft fair. We sold out! One week later we did again and after just 3 events we had sold over $7000 and we knew we had something. We have sold and hand poured almost 3 million bars to date!

We incorporated on faith Feb 8, 2000 as BarnzB Inc doing business as Country Bunny Bath and Body. BarnzB is Ben- Alex- Annya (she came along 3 years later) Ron- Nancy- Zak- Bogart Barnz B! 

I love what this company has become and now we do business as Jordan Essentials bath and body, a family skin care company with a focus on wellness and effective products for the whole family.    I am still in awe of what the Lord has done in my life and the lives of so many others.  We see people transformed, loved, honored, get well, feel pampered and educated on so many levels.  I often pinch myself to think this little house wife is trusted to run the company and serve so many people. 

And it all started with our little Lotion Bar.