Love Your Lips with Jordan Essentials

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It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, yet the lips are the door to the emotions.  All it takes is a smile to light up a room, brighten the face, and impart love. It is through the lips that we form words, enjoy good foods, and show others how much we care.  Containing one of the highest concentrations of touch receptors in the body, the lips are also considered one of the most sensitive areas, too!

With such sensitivity, comes great pleasure when things are great yet also pain when they are not.  Pamper your lips with Jordan Essentials for soft, smooth, supple, and happy lips!

The skin on the lips, due to the higher concentration of sensory receptors, and the fact that the lips are the doorway to the digestive system, needs special care.  It is especially important in the case of the lips to use gentle and nontoxic products that support healthy skin and a healthy life. Products that are applied to the skin can quickly be absorbed into the bloodstream, yet in the case of the lips, those products also tend to get consumed into the system through the mouth as we lick our lips or talk.  Unfortunately, many commercial lip products contain petroleum-based ingredients that are not only drying to the skin, but can be highly toxic as well.  

Luckily, Jordan Essentials only uses carefully selected ingredients that are not only nontoxic, but well known to be gentle and effective.  Ingredients like natural beeswax, shea butter, jojoba oil, and witch hazel. Rather than just sit on top of your lips giving the illusion of moisturizing, Jordan Essentials products actually penetrate deep into the skin to moisturize at a cellular level, leaving lips feeling great even after the product has worn off!

Why not pamper your lips with Jordan Essentials?  Start with Jordan Essentials Lip Exfoliant. Sometimes the lips need some extra help in removing dead skin cells, toxins, and pollutants that can get into the pores of the skin.  JE Lip Exfoliant will gently exfoliate the lips, leaving them smooth and kissably soft. Apply a small amount of Jordan Essentials Lip Exfoliant to the lips and gently rub with the fingertips.  A little bit goes a long way, so use sparingly. Let this sit on your lips for a minute or so, then wipe away with a soft, damp cloth. Jordan Essentials Lip Exfoliant is gentle enough to be used daily, yet twice a week is generally recommended, especially during winter months when the lips tend to be more dry.

After exfoliating, or as needed, apply Jordan Essentials Shea Cherry Lip Butter, one of Jordan Essentials’ amazing Lip Balms, or for some color, choose Jordan Essentials Lip Butter Lipstick.  Jordan Essentials Balms, Butters, and Lipsticks are deeply moisturizing and leave the lips feeling soft, nourished, and absolutely amazing. For a little shine, add Jordan Essentials Tinted Lip Gloss, which absolutely glides on and gives your lips that wow factor.

Getting some fine lines and wrinkles around your lips?  After exfoliating, and before applying color, apply Jordan Essentials Multi Peptide Firming Serum and/or Age Defying Serum then line the lips with Jordan Essentials Natural Lip Liner Pencil to avoid color bleeding.  

What about those tender, young, baby and kid lips?  Jordan Essentials has you covered there too! Pucker Up Panda Cherry Lip Balm or Large Sparkling Citrus Lip Balm will soothe those kids lips and leave them smiling.  And you will be smiling, too, knowing that you used safe and effective products that take care of your loved ones in a healthy way.

So take a moment to pamper your lips.  Then show the world your smile. Your smile will light up the room, share joy with those around you, and can make a difference in another’s life.  Comment below with your favorite JE lip products and why you think they’re the best.

For informational and entertainment purposes only.  Jordan Essentials does not diagnose, prevent, treat, or cure anything.  Contact your JE Independent Consultant for more information.