It's easy to be a hostess

If you love herbal remedies, natural makeup, natural moisturizers, and selling essential oils, then you have the perfect opportunity to work from home with Jordan Essentials. It is easy to be a hostess. Simply gather your friends for a fun and fast presentation of your favorite natural skin care products from Jordan Essentials. Even compared to most work from home, this is a great deal. Your Consultant does all the work. She creates a unique experience, offers her sales pitch, and provides the samples and natural lotions, makeup, and other skin care products. You only have to offer a space and your friends. 

Having Healthy Fun with Jordan Essentials

Most activities we do with friends would not be considered unhealthy, but how often do you get together with your gal pals and really work on bettering yourselves? When you work from home hosting a Jordan Essentials party, you not only get quality bonding time but also get this time while learning about natural skin care products. You come away from this experience knowing a thing or two more about healthier, happier skin. 

What Do You Get When You Work from Home?

Though we can’t offer you commission unless you become a consultant for us and start selling essential oils, natural moisturizers, and other herbal remedies, we can extend to you some exciting hostess benefits. Once you host a party that reaches total sales of $150 or more, you qualify for some amazing discounts on Jordan Essentials products. The best part? As the sales at your parties increase, the credit for your free shopping spree increases. You can as much as $200 worth of free natural skin care products when you work from home and simply host a few friends over for a presentation. For our hostess benefits and free shopping spree credits, check out our chart to the right. 


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As you can see, when you work from home with Jordan Essentials, we take care of you with remarkable packages and shopping sprees. If you wish to become a Jordan Essentials hostess, please click the link above. You will get the opportunity to create your own schedule and work around your family obligations. If you think you might want to work from home in a more serious capacity, you can become a natural skin care consultant. Either way, contact Jordan Essentials today, and we will get you started. Hope to hear from you soon!