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Wellness Flowing From Your Skin to Within

Your skin is your largest organ, and like a river, it delivers essential nutrients deep within your body.

We harness beneficial minerals, like Magnesium, and combine them with potent essential oils and rich phytonutrients to create products that enhance your health and well-being. When applied topically, our unique blends bathe and bless not only your skin but your entire body.


Touted as “The Miracle Mineral”, Magnesium is included in almost every product we make. Why? Because it is absolutely critical to health and well-being. When applied topically, Magnesium helps decrease pain, soreness, spasms, cramping, numbness, tingling, twitching, and fatigue. It soothes muscles, calms inflammation, boosts energy, and strengthens skin and overall healthy body function. By boosting levels of this mineral, you provide your body with stellar, cellular support!

Essential Oils

Essential Oils are potent gifts from mother nature. Extracted from plants, they have been recognized for centuries to naturally solve many of our daily issues and health concerns. These problem-solvers have a long and impressive list of uses and benefits. We carefully select and blend these powerful plant essences to provide specific solutions for you and your family.

Jordan Essentials' Product Promise

Because your well-being is our top priority, our products are cruelty free and never-ever contain these potentially harmful ingredients.

Cruelty Free

Our products are never tested on animals.

Paraben Free

Parabens are used to preserve products from bacteria, yeast, and mold. But some studies have linked this preservative to breast cancer.

Talc Free

During the mining process, talc may be contaminated with asbestos. Asbestos may have serious effects on your health leading to inflammation, asbestosis, cancer, and lung conditions from inhaling dust.

Aluminum Free

A controversial ingredient that may be linked to an increase in cancer.

Gluten Free

Sensitivities can result in eczema, psoriasis, acne, and chronic dry skin.

Mineral Oil Free

Mineral oil has a petroleum base, and is known to block pores which disrupts the skin’s natural respiration process.

Phytonutrient Blends

Phytonutrients are a substance found in certain plants which are believed to provide huge health benefits. Our unique blends include aloe, chamomile, green tea, and seaweed, all known for their powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties. These blends get an A++ for supporting accelerated wound healing, treating skin problems, reducing inflammation, and boosting the immune system.

Natural Ingredients The Whole Family Can Trust!

Because your skin absorbs anything and everything you put on it, Jordan Essentials leaves the toxins out and puts so much goodness in!

Made in Fresh Batches in the USA!

Each product undergoes strict quality control and never sits long on a shelf. Once carefully selected ingredients like Magnesium, Shea Butter, Aloe, and Essential Oils arrive, they are blended into unique products, then lovingly packaged, and placed in a box shipped to your door.

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